Kitana Prime, also known as KP is a fighting game player and commentator from Miami, Florida, known for his "Kitana" play in the game Mortal Kombat. Going into this rebrand, we wanted to give his current branding new life, while keeping certain elements that worked in his previous branding. 
The new icon takes the idea of his previous logo and improving upon it. The previous logo comes from the character "Kitana" and her weapons; the steel fans. The new icon is more legible, simpler, and better represents the weapons they take inspiration from. We also added a wordmark to compliment the new icon. 
Color & Graphical Elements
The inspiration for this rebrand was based on the use of typography, gradients, and grids to give the new branding a more mature feel. To reference back to his old branding, we kept a similar blue as the base of the color, but then added a lighter shade of blue and vibrant green to compliment the base color. 
Final Product

Creative Director:
Keith Jackson

Graphic Designers:
Tevin Vuong
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