ESAM is one of the long-standing Smash players in the community, known for his Pikachu play. For ESAM, we wanted to create branding that embodied the character he mains, and the nostalgic era where the character originated. 
The icon combines the "E" in ESAM and several elements of Pikachu, his iconic tail, and electric bolts. The wordmark complements the icon, using the negative space of the icon to create the unique letterforms.
Color & Graphical Elements
The color pallet takes direct inspiration from the enigmatic colors of Pikachu, yellow and black. Cyan is added for a complementary color to the yellow, and calls back to Pikachu's electric attacks. The look and feel of the branding call back to vintage Japanese Pokemon Gameboy artwork, with elements of 90's patterns, and dust and scratches of old box art. 
Final Product

Creative Director:
Keith Jackson

Graphic Designers:
Tevin Vuong
Keith Jackson
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